Saturday, December 15, 2012

SORRY have been busy with work but we should be getting laid off till spring soon and soon as happens I start work in the campaign which in turn will roll in to a tournament. I would also like to send prays to the families in Conn.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Battle for Aronlen V

…..+Aronlen V . is an Agri world of rolling fields and vast orchards . With a modest popution the world raises an IG regitment ever 75 years. It also is a key food exporter to the sub sceter 25 . Near the ghuol stars. The world has a few small towns and one major city where the space port is loctioned at. . The lose of this world would deal a crital blow to the region . Your mission is to save the planet or ravage it . So gather your forces and prepare for planet fall. good luck+….. . More to come ……

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We,er back and its 6th and new CSM!!

Hello blog readers we are back and its 6th editon and CSM. Iam just posting to let folks now we are still here. We have been busy with working familys and moving. Iam going to post on my flyer tales, we are in the works on a tournment which takes place on a Farmering world. so stay tuned.     remeaber always go for the throat. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March Massacre 2012 – Video Coverage

Wanted to make a quick post with a link to the video coverage of the event. It can be found on our YouTube page:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Massacre 2012 – Final Results!

Well, our first big tournament is complete and in the books guys! Overall, we had an outstanding time with Tim at Gatehouse Games. The overwhelming repose from the local players, along with several people who traveled 2+ hours to play was just amazing. We went into this event hoping to hit 10 players and we were shocked to see 24 people show up to play. So shocked, we were building tables on the fly in round one to make room for everyone!

We want to make our sincerest apologies to Bill who bowed out of the event as we did not have enough room for everyone to play, and to those players who had to take a bye and only got two games in that day. We simply did not expect to see so many of you out there that day! This is a lesson we have learned the hard way and will be sure to bring more tables and terrain to our next event to make sure EVERYONE can play!

Outside of a few hiccups in my spreadsheet not expecting as many people as we had, the event went smoothly and I think everyone had a great time. Josh Turiano took first place, scoring 10’s in each and every one of his games, and he took second in painting! Alex Vavreck wowed us with his amazing paint job and he took home first place in painting! And since everyone at the event were such good sports, Tim could not decide on a Best Sportsmen and instead decided to give all people attending the event a 10% discount on purchases made that day! That was just amazing!
Here are the overall results from the day, we look forward to seeing you all in our next event, to be announced soon:

No.Player NameWinsLosesTotal Battle PointsTotal Victory Points
1stJosh Turiano30303840
2ndChristian Mclean30273280
3rdJosh Mullins30241840
4thTJ Lonigan21222925
5thEd Horne21213145
6thSam Bennett21202975
7thGary Klinger21202615
9thDavid Cacace21193036
10thJason Sinclair21182139
11thRon Marshall21172305
12thSeth Bushmore21172230
13thJason Bushore12161882
14thJoe Cocco12142940
15thSara Parker12142602
16thAnthony Ketrow12141805
17thAlex Vavreck12122339
18thMatthew Hagerich12121737
19thLogan Brown129833
20thLynn Henry129585
21stAndy Schaner0371323
22ndShawn Keiron0361905
23rdJess Bradley0361438

Looking forward to seeing everyone next time!

Ed Horne

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Masacre 2012! 40K Championship Series Event I

Greeting guys! The Cellar Dwellers wanted to let you know about the first event for 2012! Our up coming 40K event will be at Gatehouse Games in Duncanville, PA!

Here are all of the particulars:

Date: Saturday, March 24th
Time: 1PM - 8PM (approximate)
Location: Gatehouse Games 208 Hollidaysburg Plaza Duncansville, PA 16635
Phone: (814) 693-9271

Fee: FREE (All events at Gatehouse Games are free to enter)
Size: 1500 Points or less, all current 40K Codices
Painting: There is a three color minimum for this event
Sportsmanship: This will be scored at this event

Tournament Full Rules

Mission One

Mission Two

Mission Three

Any questions, please contact this event's tournament organizer, Chad at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hobby 101: A brave new world "dipping"

Hello gamers! It has been a bit since I last posted. I haven’t been playing 40K lately mostly due to work, but I have been doing some work in the hobby. Lately, the gaming group has been bitten by the Fantasy bug. I know, I know, we are mostly a 40k blog but I’m going to post a few Fantasy things here from time to time.

As of late I’ve been painting up my Tomb Kings! I have been looking in to ‘dipping’ to help speed up the process. So I’m learning as I go and you'll all along for the ride!

Here is the beginning of the project.

More pics to come.