Monday, October 22, 2012

Battle for Aronlen V

…..+Aronlen V . is an Agri world of rolling fields and vast orchards . With a modest popution the world raises an IG regitment ever 75 years. It also is a key food exporter to the sub sceter 25 . Near the ghuol stars. The world has a few small towns and one major city where the space port is loctioned at. . The lose of this world would deal a crital blow to the region . Your mission is to save the planet or ravage it . So gather your forces and prepare for planet fall. good luck+….. . More to come ……

Sunday, October 7, 2012

We,er back and its 6th and new CSM!!

Hello blog readers we are back and its 6th editon and CSM. Iam just posting to let folks now we are still here. We have been busy with working familys and moving. Iam going to post on my flyer tales, we are in the works on a tournment which takes place on a Farmering world. so stay tuned.     remeaber always go for the throat.