Monday, January 9, 2012

40K Battle Reports: DJ's First Game of 2012

Well hello folks, DJ here! I just had my first game of 2012 one hour after midnight and happy to say the world didn't end lol . It was against Matt's Elder(he was my first player at the Steel City Showdown 2011 at Legions in Pittsburgh) with my CSM.

I used things I haven't played with before like my Thousands Sons and my Noise Mariners as well as a Slannesh Terminator Lord and a landraider.

The game was a kill point mission with spearhead deployment. I played to a draw which I'm taking as a win as I'm going to draw most of the games this year. So my New Years resolution is that I'm going to be shelving my IG for 2012 and I'm playing my CSM exclusive this year.

So with that folks I must go, I'm writing these on my phone lol. So with that always go for the throat


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting to Know the Cellar Dwellers: Chad Brown (aka, the_typodemon)

Greetings everyone. I'm Chad Brown, a.k.a. the_typodemon of The Cellar Dwellers. I've been playing 40k now since mid to late second edition. Chaos Space Marines have always been my choice when it's time to throw down. I have to admit, in the game my best friend is Kharn. Most people see me heading to the table and before I get anything out, they start planning on how they are going to kill him. Hey, the guy's awesome! I even got my own mark of Khorne on my body. I have been checking out other HQ choices recently, but I'll always like Kharn and those Berzerkers.

I've lived in south western and south central PA, mainly south western. I'm told I have the burgh accent. Yeah, I say pop, yunz, n'nat. I have a son (Logan), and he's big on playing Orks. We've played many games over the years (D&D, Magic, etc.), but 40k is our favorite. It's hard to tell him it's bed time when he's up for yet another game. We have tons of fun.

Recently the group has started planning tournaments, and I'm the groups connection to Gatehouse Games in Duncansville, PA. The store owner (Tim Gatehouse) and I are looking to bring some awesome events this year, along with a few beginer events. If you haven't been to Gatehouse games, what's wrong with you? The place is a great size, the selection is awesome, and it has some of the best tables I've ever seen (check out the beach table). Everyone there is friendly, and is ready to game at a moments notice. Those are the main reasons I feel lucky to be the groups connection there.

Anyhow, if you're in central PA, stop by Gatehouse Games and see if I'm there. I'm up for a game, or just about Warhammer 40k. Later.

Chad Brown, a.k.a. the_typodemon

Saturday, January 7, 2012

40K Video of the Week: The Emperor's Love of Tocos

Here is this week's 40K Video of the week.

Would the Emperor order the Blood Angels to take a world because he had a hankering for some Tacos?

For the Emperor!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Cellar Dwellers Doing Well: Double Down in December 2011

Recently our own Chad (The_Typodemon) Brown participated in the Snake Eyes Gaming Groups 'Double Down in December' team tournament event, held at Gatehouse Games. This even was a mixed pairing team event, where each player took a 1000 point list and was randomly paired up with a new team mate each round.

Chad went 3-0 on the day, with three minor victories and was awarded 2nd place!

Here is the Chad's account of the event:

Double Down in December, 1000 points mixed team tournament. I played Chaos Space Marines. I went with a somewhat balanced list. Fabius Bile in a Rhino (extra twin linked bolter) with 9 Berzerkers (one being a Skull Champion with power weapon), another Rhino (extra twin linked bolter) with 9 Berzerkers (one being a Skull Champion with power weapon), and 2 squads of 2 Obliterators. The first game had two main objectives that me and my ally Jason (who played Blood Angels) had to defend. Seth and Rob were attackers playing Imperial Guard and Space Marines. Rob's army seemed to rely on his Dreadnoughts, and Seth went with a few tanks and squads with heavy weapons. They put up a good fight, but in the end Jason and I pulled out a minor victory.

Round two was a Seize Ground mission with Spearhead deployment. For this round my ally was Matt, who played Ultra Marines. Our opponents were Jason (my ally from round one), and Sarah (who played Necrons). Jason went on the attack, mainly against Matt. Sarah attacked with a ton of Scarabs, and tried to shoot with her Warriors. My Berzerkers made short work of the Scarabs and her squad of Warriors that had her HQ with it. Both of my squads of Berzerkers ended up holding objectives. Sarah's last Warrior squad held an objective, until one of my Rhino's came in to contest. Jason took out Matt's troops who were holding an objective, and in return Matt contested the objective that Jason was holding. A good game, but me and Matt's 2 objectives to their none got us the minor victory.

Round three was an Annihilation mission with Dawn of War deployment (except the table was cut in half diagonally). This round had my favorite ally of the tournament. My son Logan and his Orks! Our opponents were Rob (Space Marine opponent from round one), and Sarah (Necron opponent from round two). Rob's close combat strength (Dreadnoughts) paired well with Sarah's shooting Strength (Necrons). Me and Logan brought our forces in from two sides, Rob deepstriked, and Sarah brought the massive swarm of Scarabs while shooting with the warriors. Nobz and their Warboss ate the scarabs, Warriors, and Necron HQ. Ghaz and the Meganobz chewed through a squad of Marines, their HQ, and a couple Dreadnoughts. My Obliterator was able hold up a Dreadnought for the remainder of the game. We were able to get 1200 victory points to their 805, a minor victory for us. Another good game.

With my three minor victories and bonus points from the missions, I was able to secure second place. This was my best placing in a tournament. I'm still looking for that ever so hard to get first.

Chad Brown a.k.a. the_typodemon

Here is his video coverage of the event:

We want to send out a Special Thanks to Tim at Gatehouse Games in Duncanville, PA for plying host to the event, the Snake Eyes Gaming Group for throwing the event, and everyone who participated in the event.

And congratulations once again to Chad!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting to Know the Cellar Dwellers: Donlad Skovira (aka, DJ/IG Meatshield)

Hello Guy, DJ here. I'm going to be writing some articles for Ed and the Cellar Dwellers in the future so I'm going to post a little about myself so yunz get to know me and my background.

Well I’ve been playing 40K off and on since the tail end of 3rd edition. So I’ve seen a lot come and go. I play IG and CMS but started with Space Wolfs. I left the hobby and then came back in at the beginning of 4th Edition with IG.

At that time, I was enlisted in the US Army and deployed to Iraq where I became a Weapons Instructor and traveled the country shooting guns and playing Warhammer.

When I made it state-side, I played at a GW store in Cherry Hill, NJ for a bit, the Gamers Sanctuary in MS (which last I heard is now gone), the Purple Cantus in San Antonio, TX( a hand full of times) and the best store I played in was the Gamers Matrix in WA near Seattle. More recently since returning home I have played at the Vault here in Greensbug, PA as well as Legions in the ‘Burg (Pittsburgh, PA).

So at least I'm well traveled! I think of myself as a fuffy player but I still like going to tournaments so I'm going to bring competition play as well as fuffy play and I won't sugar coat stuff for yunz.

Well that’s a little about myself, hope you all like my articles and always remember go for the throat!!