Monday, October 22, 2012

Battle for Aronlen V

…..+Aronlen V . is an Agri world of rolling fields and vast orchards . With a modest popution the world raises an IG regitment ever 75 years. It also is a key food exporter to the sub sceter 25 . Near the ghuol stars. The world has a few small towns and one major city where the space port is loctioned at. . The lose of this world would deal a crital blow to the region . Your mission is to save the planet or ravage it . So gather your forces and prepare for planet fall. good luck+….. . More to come ……


  1. When and where is this campaign going down? Army requirements/restrictions etc.?

  2. It was going to be a tournment at the vault but they haven't got back to me. So the group s thinking of haveing it at my house . 10 bucks army list at 1850 with forge world approved units. We are still working the details. out

  3. Keep me posted. The further in advance I know, the more likely I can participate.