Monday, January 9, 2012

40K Battle Reports: DJ's First Game of 2012

Well hello folks, DJ here! I just had my first game of 2012 one hour after midnight and happy to say the world didn't end lol . It was against Matt's Elder(he was my first player at the Steel City Showdown 2011 at Legions in Pittsburgh) with my CSM.

I used things I haven't played with before like my Thousands Sons and my Noise Mariners as well as a Slannesh Terminator Lord and a landraider.

The game was a kill point mission with spearhead deployment. I played to a draw which I'm taking as a win as I'm going to draw most of the games this year. So my New Years resolution is that I'm going to be shelving my IG for 2012 and I'm playing my CSM exclusive this year.

So with that folks I must go, I'm writing these on my phone lol. So with that always go for the throat


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  1. What did you think of your new units? I like Noise Marines better then 1k Sons as I think they are more well rounded and you don't have to spend 70+ points on your Champion.